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Search Engines

Selected Websites

Specialized Search Engines

  • All Recipes

    A search engine for food recipes, how-to cooking videos, and menu plans.

  • Google Books

    A search engine that allows you to find millions for great books you can preview or read for free.

  • Midomi

    A search engine for music that allows you to search by clicking or humming a tune when you don't know a song's title or artist.

  • Wayback Machine

    A search of over 150 billion web pages that have been archived since 1996.

General Search Engines

  • Ask

    Searches are conducted in a simple and easy question and answer format.

  • Bing

    A Microsoft search engine that provides a variety of useful tools beyond simple web searching.

  • Google

    The most used search engine on the planet.

  • InfoSpace

    Web Search that brings together top results from all leading search engines. 

  • Yahoo!

    A search engine that combines search and subject directory access to information on the web.

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