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Library Materials Recovery Program to Begin in June 2013

Date: Jun 1st, 2013

Beginning June 1, 2013, Unique Management Services Inc. (UMS) will help Anoka County Library recover long overdue materials and outstanding fines.

Unique Management Services is a specialized credit report agency for libraries. Customers with fines over $25 or materials that are 60 days overdue will be referred to UMS and charged a $10 service fee.

This new procedure was approved with fairness to all library customers in mind: materials that are not returned may not be checked out by other customers. In addition, money taken from the library's budget to replace non-returned items could be better spent purchasing new materials. The use of a credit reporting agency is known to effectively encourage all library borrowers to return items by the date due.

Anoka County Library will continue to let customers know if their materials are overdue with ample time to respond before their account is turned over for credit reporting.

Want to avoid the hassle of an overdue headache?

·         Return library materials on time, in good condition or renew items before they are overdue.

·         Pay fines or make payments within a reasonable amount of time.

This new policy will not affect the vast majority of ACL customers who return their materials on time.

Most library items can be renewed in person, by phone or online. Please note that items with holds or rental DVDs may not be renewed. Bookdrops for returning material after hours are conveniently located at all branches.

Access your account 24/7 through the website at If you have any questions about your account, please contact your local library.